Fees for Children

Only 30% of children qualify for orthodontic treatment

Therefore, we offer a complimentary second smile check to these patients. If your child does not qualify or if you wish to have treatment independent of the NHS, Ealing Dental Specialists are happy to offer you treatment at a reduced rate.

Replacement – Retainer & Orthodontic Appliance

NHS (Within 1 year)

£92 for one arch, £184 for both arches

NHS (after 1 year) & or over 18yrs

£125.00 per arch

Repair - Orthodontic Appliance

NHS Repair not replacement (determined by clinician)

£55.00 for one arch,

NHS Repair not replacement (determined by clinician)

£110.00 for both arches


Children & Teens | Orthodontic Appointments and Children & Teens | X-Rays

(Low IOTN/Under 18yrs/Children after 1 yr of completing NHS Orthodontics)

Chilldren & Teen | X-ray


Children & Teens | Orthodontics Treatment


Children & Teens | Retainers

Children & Teens | Devices and Appliances


Children & Teens | Transfer Patients

(already wearing braces from elsewhere) Priced per visit or an estimated plan to complete treatment