Fees for Adults

The orthodontist will discuss your treatment plan with you and will be as up front as possible to give you a price for a complete treatment with no hidden or extra costs. These prices are a guide for your treatment but be aware that there may be some variation depending on the work required. If you have any further queries or have simply decided to start your treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Adults (Above 18) | Orthodontic Appointments

Clinical Assessment for Orthodontic Treatment Planning (includes scans and x-rays if required)


Consultation with the Treatment Coordinator


A £30 refundable deposit is required at the time of booking

Adults (Above 18) | X-ray & Scan

Adults (Above 18) | Orthodontic Treatment

Adults (Above 18) | Retainers

Adults (Above 18) | Debond

Adults (Above 18) | Devices and Appliances

Adults (Above 18) | Transfer Patients

(already wearing braces from elsewhere) Priced per visit or an estimated plan to complete treatment

Adults (Above 18) | Periodontic/Gum Treatment


Adults (Above 18) | Discounts for Orthodontics only