Emergency Dental Appointments

Fortunately, serious orthodontic emergencies are very uncommon; but there are times when braces get lost or damaged or become uncomfortable to wear. In such cases please telephone the practice for advice or an emergency appointment. If you call the practice outside normal working hours regarding emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day, you will be provided with an emergency telephone number to call. Where possible, do not try an adjust your orthodontic appliances yourself, as this may damage them further.

Minor Injuries

Please note that Ealing Hospital no longer provides A & E services for children. NHS 111 provides information and advice from specially trained nurses who can advise you whether you need to go into hospital or whether you should see your family doctor. Call 111, free of charge, to find the right treatment. You should use the NHS 111 service if you urgently need medical help or advice but its not a 999 emergency or a life-threatening situation. to contact this service, dial 111 and request to be transferred to the Smile Dental Triage Service. To contact them directly on line please click here

Urgent Care Centres

Urgent Care centres (UCCs) can be found inside the main entrance to the A&E departments at:
  • Northwick Park Hospital: 020 8869 3743
  • Ealing Hospital: 020 8967 5141
  • Central Middlesex Hospital: 020 8453 2465
Patients who need to be seen quickly, but who do not have life-threatening illnesses or accidents, can walk into these centres. You can receive treatment for cuts, grazes, lacerations, sprains, broken bones, bites, stings, infected wounds, minor head injuries, minor eye injuries, foreign bodies and scratches. If you go to one of these UCCs and your condition is diagnosed as being more serious, you will be referred to the A & E department, which is next door.

Secondary Care

If you have been involved in an accident, trauma or think that your condition is life threatening, please attend Northwick Park Hospital A & E immediately. For further information please click here

Orthodontic emergencies

When you are undergoing Orthodontic treatment, it is unlikely to have an emergency occur. In case of any problems you may experience, you should always contact us for advice. Some common issues that can occur are:
Broken brace: If an archwire or bracket does break, please call us straightaway and we will advise you. In the meantime:

  • If part of the fixed brace is broken and is causing irritation or rubbing, then simply place some of the wax provided over the area to provide relief.
  • If your removable brace is broken do not wear it if it is uncomfortable or is at risk of being dislodged.
  • When you come in for an emergency appointment, the orthodontist or therapist will make your brace comfortable or repair it where necessary

Please contact us where possible, during working hours to arrange an appointment.

Out of Hours Emergencies

Please contact the practice on 0208-567-4483 where you will be diverted to our dedicated emergency contact and you will be advised on how best to proceed. Please see here for further information