Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the current Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we would like to reassure our patients as to the additional measures we are taking at Ealing Dental Specialists to ensure your safety and to continue providing orthodontic treatment. 

The Government guidelines for managing Coronavirus are dynamic and will continually change as the transmission develops. Presently, the government has not advised any dental surgeries to shut. The present crisis may continue for months and guidance may change in the future.

The clinical environment in which dental treatment is carried out has been, for many years, one of the most strictly regulated areas in which you will find yourself. Government regulation and Care Quality Commission regulations and inspection ensure control of cross-infection of many serious bacterial and viral infections. This means that our practices are safe places to work and safe places for our patients to attend.

Due to the highly infectious nature of Coronavirus we have taken the following additional measures to reduce transmission inside and outside of the surgery itself:

  • All non-essential items have been removed from the waiting area e.g. magazines, leaflets and books and we ask that patients do not leave newspapers in the waiting area
  • We are providing tissues and lidded non-touch bins in the waiting areas for patient use
  • Hand sanitizers for patient use are provided (unless unavailable) and patients will be asked to either wash their hands in the restrooms or by using the sanitizers when entering and leaving the practice
  • Staff will regularly disinfect surfaces likely to be touched by patients e.g. reception desk, merchant terminals (card machines) and pens/clipboards.
  • Staff will regularly disinfect front door handles, surgery door handles and restroom door handles
  • Being extra careful with our hand hygiene and personal protective equipment and reminding the staff and patients about adequate hand washing during the day
  • Reducing the number of staff in direct contact with you
  • Asking our staff to take sick leave even for a common cold

What can you do to help?

  • We ask patients not to attend if they have experienced fever or a cough (in accordance with current NHS guidelines) or if they have come in contact with somebody with these symptoms. Patients who have an orthodontic emergency or who are in pain and cannot attend are urged to telephone our practice and a clinician will offer advice over the phone.
  • Rescheduling an appointment when you are UNWELL even if it is just a cold. We will take this into consideration and provide the soonest available appointment once you are well again.
  • We also ask that patients attend their appointment close to the arranged time to reduce the number of patients in the waiting area – as always, we will endeavour not to run late
  • We also ask you to minimise the number of people attending the appointment e.g. additional siblings or friends or anyone not required in the surgery area
  • Above all we urge common sense.  Keep calm and carry on, be kind and considerate to others especially the elderly and infirm and wash your hands more frequently!

The treatment will be provided and patients should be confident that it will be provided in a safe and protective environment.

We will update this information in accordance with NHS guidelines as the situation evolves.

For the most up to date Government advice on Coronavirus please call NHS 111 or visit