Inman Aligner

inman-alignerInman(TM) Aligner’s are used as an alternative to traditional braces and work by pushing/pulling the teeth into position. The device containers metal springs that are set to apply a constant steady force to just the front teeth, because of the way in which it’s set-up fewer visits to the practice are required making this an excellent option for those with limited time. Due to the gentle but steady orthodontic forces generated, the appliances are easily tolerated and rarely cause pain.

Compared to a standard brace that requires adjustments through the treatment period, and subsequently has periods of time where by little tooth movement is being performed, the Inman(TM) Aligner applies a constant force and therefore has no adjustment period. It’s because of this that the Inman(TM) aligner can reduce treatment times dramatically when compared to a standard brace or treatment such as Invisalign(TM).

Whilst the appliance isn’t invisible, it is very difficult to notice as the visible parts are made from a clear plastic. It’s recommended that the appliance is worn for 16 hours or more each day in order to achieve good results. For more information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is it?

The average case length varies depending on the level of movement and complexity but anywhere between 6 to 18 weeks is typical. This is excellent when compared with other removable devices/aligners.

Will it affect my speech?

Inman(TM) Aligners may affect speech for a week or two but most patients find that they adjust to the device quite quickly.

Is it comfortable?

As with speech, the device is quickly adapted to and the initial sensation of discomfort passes after a week or two.

Will I still need a retainer?

As with all orthodontic treatments you will need to retain the new position of your teeth once you are finished with the aligner.